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Triumph is a project space initiated by

Ryan Coffey and Ruslana Lichtzier.


Triumph is located at 2055 W Cermak Rd, Chicago, IL, 60608

Gallery hours: Saturday–Sunday, 1PM–4PM pm during shows,

and by appointment. 


Triumph was born in 2017 out of passion and necessity, and, in a rush. We, Ryan Coffey and Ruslana Lichtzier, she a curator/writer/educator and he an artist/carpenter and educator, operate through categorical disaccord, as a method. We cannot agree on whether it is a Project Space or a Gallery, do we collaborate with artists or do we represent them, are we operating and therefore complicit in the framework of contemporary late-capitalism or are we attempting to subvert it only. These dichotomies, and many other matters which relate to the complexity of relationship based partnership, are the reason that Triumph is what it is. Triumph is a space of passions, compassion, and always temporal resolutions. We subscribe to no one but to each other. We have no mission statement but that of going through life, which is making and thinking of Art. In the meantime, we attempt to be attentive, to look, observe and to love. We embrace failure, we are fascinated by states of collapse; most importantly, we learn and we adapt.


Triumph is not about winning, or being on top. 


Triumph is about the work, and the work is everywhere.





Also, check: Triumph School Manual Project


The Manual Project is an ongoing summer project in Triumph, IL. The project will feature three-weekend event in them a diverse group of artists and cultural producers will write interpretive manuals that will be realized and produced collectively by the participants – you – without the oversight of the authors.


The Triumph School seeks to become a multi-disciplinary residency and an expanded learning environment. 


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