The Triumph School seeks to become a multi-disciplinary residency and an expanded learning environment; now, however it's just getting its feet wet through the​ ​Manual Project​. Most importantly, we want to find out from you, ​our community, what you can envision​ ​Triumph to be, both in the short and long term​ - the project is a vehicle for that. In this way we can discover, together, what we can build the Triumph School into, while also creating, collaborating and having fun! ​Also, ​since ​The Manual is​ an ongoing project, the​ first events​ will inform​, or echo, ​the formation of the program, so, in a way, ​the project ​will help us to figure out what The Triumph School will grow into, ​and will in effect become a sort of running and living blueprint of the school.

The Triumph School

The Manual Project

A diverse group of artists and cultural producers have each written interpretive manuals that will be realized and produced collectively by the participants – you – without the oversight of the authors.

To see manuals from the past year, please visit the archive.

The Visionaries

Bob Coffey is an inventor with a U.S. patent, entrepreneur, and food connoisseur. Previously he was a pioneering web programmer. He is the owner of the building and the fuel of this initiative; he is also Ryan Coffey’s dad. Ryan Coffey is an artist, an educator, and a carpenter. He is the ground officer of the project, and also, Ruslana Lichizier’s husband. Ruslana is a writer, a curator and an educator and this project’s head of operations.

If you are attending one of our weekends or you just have a big heart, here is an opportunity to be a part of the day to day of the Triumph School Manual Project.

$50, $20, $10, $5, $1 suggested donation.


The funds go towards offsetting the cost of operations during the Manual Project. Anything outside of those costs will go directly into a fund to begin repairs on the school itself.


Also check

Triumph, Chicago - our project space.

2055 W Cermak Rd, Chicago, IL, 60608

Gallery hours: Saturday–Sunday, 1PM–4PM pm during shows,

and by appointment. 

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