Each weekend invites the guests to realize manuals written by a diverse group of artists and cultural producers. The manuals are being produced collectively by the participants – you – without the oversight of the authors. Between working, eating, chilling, and hanging next to the night fire, the weekend event offers a unique cultural experience in the countryside of Illinois next to the gorgeous nature resort Starved Rock, where intimate relationships are being quickly weaved between strangers and friend.



Manual One



Manual Two



Manual Three

Where is the school?

771 North 3906th road, Triumph, IL.

The location, a former schoolhouse, built ranch style in the 1950’s, is an hour and a half southwest of downtown Chicago, 20 minutes north of Starved Rock State Park.

What to bring?

Bring your own tent and whatever else you may need for comfort. Bug spray is always useful.


There is a kitchen, running water, multiple grills, a smoker and a fire pit so please bring your own food and let’s share recipes!



Donation of $100, $50, $20, or $10 per person that will be used for beer, water, food, labor and future building repairs.

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